From Mo i Rana, a town in Northern Norway.

I am the guitarist and singer of a power metal band called
Gaia Epicus. I am a musician and i also work as a music teacher.

I started to play drums long before I picked up a guitar for
the first time. My drum inspiration was Ian Haugland (Europe)
and Diesel Dahl (TnT). I did form a band called Thunder where
I played the drums for 2-3 years. Then some years passed
without any playing until December 1991. Then I formed
a band which is now called Gaia Epicus. Back then I was gonna
play the drums but since the guitar player didn't show any
interest I picked up the guitar and started to play, and still do :)

Learning how to play the guitar by teaching me how to play
almost every Metallica song, and also Megadeth songs.
So my 2 guitar hero's/teachers are Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
and James Hetfield (Metallica).

My interests are as you may have guessed music but I also
like to make webpages and do other designs such as posters,
cd covers and so on. I also watch alot of movies as you can see
below on this page where some of my favourite movies are listed.

In october 2006 I founded my own Record Label.
I also work with video media and have made several music
videos and also a full lenght Norwegian horror movie.

Some of the musicians that i have worked with:

- Roland Grapow (Masterplan / ex-Helloween)
- Dominique Leurquin (Rhapsody / Luca Turilli)
- Jonas Hörnqvist (Treasure Land)
- Morty Black (ex-TNT)
- Andreas Olsson (Narnia / Rob Rock)
- Michael Troy (Yngwie Malmsteen)
- Ola Halén (Insania)
- Lars A R Larsen (Highland Glory)
- Jan Thore Grefstad (Saint Deamon / ex-Highland Glory)



Birth Date : 19 may 1974
Started Playing Drums: mid 80's
Started Playing Git : 1992
Plays : ESP & Jackson Guitars
Uses : Engl Powerball Amp

Favorite band's
Megadeth - Rhapsody
Helloween - Luca Turilli
Masterplan - Iron Maiden
Stratovarius - Gamma Ray
Dum dum boys - Delillos

Favorite Movies
Lord Of The Rings - Matrix
X Men - Labyrinth - The Mask
Star Wars - Braveheart
Spider Man - Rush Hour
Ace Ventura - 13th Warrior
The Goonies - Men In Black
Ghostbusters - Indiana Jones
Austin Powers - Superman
House on Haunted Hil

"What dosen't kill you makes you

Favorite Actors
Jim Carrey
Fleksnes - Will Smith
Mike Myers - Jackie Chan
Eddie Murphy
All of Monty Phyton



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